Aquariums & Cabinetry


Aquatropics Aquarium Center carries pre-manufactured glass aquariums through three (All-glass, Aqueon, Perfecto) and Custom Acrylic manufacturers ranging in volume from 10 to 540 gallons.With each manufacturer offering different styles of shape and gallonage.


* Contractors and Designers note; we always custom build in glass or acrylic for those who need a specific dimension, whether new home construction or remodeling, we can build to fit.



Pre-manufactured glass aquariums are assembled with a framework designed to increase the integrity of the unit while supporting the canopy and lighting system, the framework on custom acrylic is offered in a variety of colors to blend with the décor of the home or office, equally, Aquatropics offers a variety of matching aquarium cabinets or stands to support your system. We can custom build your aquarium cabinet or stand to match existing furniture styles, color or wood in your home. You are welcome to visit our showroom to see many of the options available or to receive a catalog.